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Hotel Facilities

Banquet Hall·lobby·Lounge

  • Banrai no Ma

    Irori dining Banrai that makes you feel nostalgic in the country Irori dining Banrai (Maximum 60 people)
  • Kuroshio no Ma

    Even with a wheelchair as it is, a meal affair "Kuroshio" at the back of a Western-style hearth (Maximum 50 people)
  • Tairyo no Ma

    Middle room Tairyo 109 square meters Middle room Tairyo. Middle room Tairyo You can enjoy the party surrounding the rug.
  • Shiosai no Ma

    It is 45 square meters in size.If it is a small group banquet, "Shiosai"
  • Taikai no Ma

    Size 218 square meters, With stage.A Banquet Hall For Large Groups Taikai easily at the chair seat
  • Main conference room

    To meetings, exhibitions and other venues.Multipurpose venue that can accommodate 100 people.
  • Front desk / lobby

    A natural panorama spreading over the large window pane.Sea of ​​Japan overlooking the eyes.The setting sun going down the horizon is exquisite.Free WiFi spot in lobby.Wireless LAN can be used
  • coffee shop

    Relax with the view with coffee or safflower tea etc.Tsuruoka is a reading corner with books such as Fujisawa Shuhei who is a writer from Tsuruoka.
  • shop

    To a souvenir of a trip.
    We only have a limited number of Shonai / Tsuruoka limited items that can only be purchased here.
    Shop reasonably for using homepage reservation bonus "Use ticket in this facility"!
  • Hostess Bar "Asuka"

    Please enjoy a fun talk time with sake.Of course the karaoke is also OK!
  • Karaoke Box

    After a meal, have fun with karaoke! (Maximum 20 people)