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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take a bath alone on a day trip?

    We are doing between 12:00 and 15:00.However, there are days that can not be accepted depending on the date.Please contact us by phone or emContinue reading
  • Is Internet available at the facility?

    Wireless LAN can be used in the lobby area and in the main building guest room, but there are places where radio waves are becoming weaker dContinue reading
  • I support mum and dad! Baby set!

    ≪Rental set contents≫
    ·Disposable diaper(10 sheets)
    ·Bucket for diapers
    ·BOTTOM Wipe
    ·A formula(Bottle warmer)
    ·Baby bottle washer, ·Baby fuContinue reading
  • Is there a shuttle from Tsuruoka Station Shonai Airport from Tsuruoka Station?

    We are going to Tsuruoka Station at 15:00 by advance reservation.
    We will make reservations at Shonai Airport at any time by prior reservatiContinue reading
  • I would like to ask in the Japanese + Western room

    The hotel has 4 Japanese + Western rooms.There are many customers who wish to, but we are in the order in which they were applied first.
  • Discount of prearrangement plan

    We are offering a discount of 1050 yen from the regular price in 2012 plan.It is the applicable plan that I am allowed to state as early divContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?

    It is located about 4 minutes by car.Please check the location at the front desk.
  • I would like to request a non-smoking room

    Excuse me, as there is no non-smoking room in the hotel,
    We will deal with the deodorizing of your room will be solid.

  • Can I change allergies or weak foods?

    Please tell us when you make a reservation.I will change to other ingredients, cooking.

  • Could you arrange a massage?

    We will arrange it for 40 minutes 4,000 yen.
    Please contact the front desk after arrival.

    Depending on the status of the reservation, at yoContinue reading
  • After arriving at the inn, can you change to the hearth?

    Basically it will only be booked in advance because the preparation of the dish is different from the meeting cuisine table.In addition, theContinue reading
  • Can breakfast be taken in the room?

    Every morning at the hotel we are going to have rice cakes in the breakfast venue.We have been eating the freshly picked rice cakes, so basiContinue reading

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