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Boasting the hearthless kaiseki dish which gives the seasonal taste with charcoal fire.

Yamagata prefecture · Shonai Region blessed with nature's seasonal taste.
Seafood in the Sea of ​​Japan, where Mogami River pours down, Yamanomiya in the Dewa Hill where Shuhain · Chokai and Luon peak · Mizusan are connected.
One of the leading breads in Japan, Shonai Plain spreading like mountains.
Please enjoy the products of this region blessed with ingredients with many of our original traditional dishes.

You can choose from two cuisine styles as you like.

Mitsukioka Specialty, Mochitsuki breakfast

  • Mochi with specialty

    Misakoen specialty starting with a shout of "Susa no Sora!" "Mochitsuki breakfast".

    The state of your mochi-crisping is posted on facebook.
    A day that begins with contact with family and friends.To the memories of the trip, please.
  • 14 rice cakes in all can be chosen!

    Shonai style Ozoni, Ango rice cake, Grateful, Kinako, Natto, Isobe Rice cake
    We also prepared blueberries, chocolate mochi and sweets for strawberries.
    In addition, a new menu appears!
    "Shira mochi" "Sakurabychi rice cake" "Honey ginger rice cake", and furthermore the variation became rich!
    Every morning, it is a happy Makuhiko rice break like New Year 's Day.